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Think Portal. But sh!t. And made by  one guy. And without Portals.

Ok, it's nothing like Portal. Graph3r is a 2d Puzzle-Platformer that has the  player use the Quadratic Equation to create "graphs" to get from point A to point B. There are five levels, and I'm mostly trying to gauge whether or not the concept is even fun.

If you like imputing numbers, but don't like doing maths, then this might be the Puzzle Game for YOU! Download now for only three payments of FREE!!!

On a serious note, I'm looking for feedback. Which feature made you want to tear out your eyeballs the most? Email me, or post a comment below!


(Note: There's an "e" missing from "awesome" in the email)


Graph3rBuildPrototype (2).zip 32 MB

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